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Stinsen Gustav Adolfs Torg

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Advertising signs are placed on wagon roof (see photo above) and you can select the number of pages and how long a period you want to be seen. The plates are 290 cm wide and 35 cm high.

Stinsen Sightseeing run daily services between April 30 to October 3 in the inner city of Gothenburg. With up to 30 departures per day is estimated between 60 000 and 70 000 units guests to go in the season. This volume is reached, inter alia, through the Göteborg Pass, which offers free travel. Stinsen Sightseeing travels with its two trains (a total of five wagons) to go in a loop between Gustavus Square – Kronhusbodarna – The Göteborg Opera – Casino- The Fish Church – Magasinsgatan -Norra hamngatan – Gustaf Adolf square.